Prayer Ministry

Logos Apostolic Church of Reconciliation was founded and continues to build on the fundamentals of sincere prayer. The main goal of prayer is spiritual reconciliation, worship and fellowship.

We believe that where there is faith-filled prayer God will always respond to that faith in accordance with His Word.  A prayer of faith has and will always move the heart of God.  Prayer restores and maintains true fellowship with God Almighty. Hence, we are encouraged to pray without ceasing and not to faint.

Prayer Ministry Purpose:

  1. To ignite a passion for prayer in each member of the congregation who will seek God in prayer and realize the power of a prayer of faith.
  2. To identify and implement creative and innovative ways for involvement in the prayer life of the Church Family.
  3. To promote, direct and organize Prayer and Fasting activities in the local church.

Matthew 7:7-11;  1Timothy 2:1-3; 1John 5: 14-15.