Ladies’ Ministry

The Ladies group at Logos Apostolic Church was established for the development of all the ladies in our local assembly.  The main purpose of the group is to provide motivation and a catalyst for spiritual growth and personal development.

Every individual is encouraged to develop her talents and skills to a level where she is able to share with and impact someone else.  We support each other through the recognition of common interests, common strengths, common goals, and by working together on common issues.  As a group, we seek to serve our church family and the community in a Godly manner and without reservation.

We take our role in the body of Christ seriously and it is our desire to fulfill this role with dignity and humility.  In this ministry we value very highly the privilege of ministering to others as we continue to emulate the Lord Himself  who exemplified the role of a true minister when He said that He came not to be served but to be a minister to others.

Leader: Sis. Sharlett Brown