Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry includes many aspects of the adult ministries, and provides the children with accountable leadership, small group settings, training, discipleship and mentoring.  Worship that inspires children’s participation and spiritual development is encouraged.  We strive to ensure appropriate and safe pastoral care for all children. This is especially critical in our current climate of change, challenge and crisis.

We believe that children are an integral part of the church. This is central to our understanding of what it means to include children in the Body of Christ as expressed in the life, work and worship of the church.


We envision that all children’s needs will be addressed in a holistic and timely manner.  Every possible effort will be made to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the children. Guided by a biblical mission for our children’s ministry we will exalt God as the source, means and purpose for all things. We will also endeavour to meet the greatest need that children have which is to know and cherish the infinite nature of God.


  • To educate the children with the pure Word of God
  • To minister to them in prayer, word and deed
  • To lead them in worship, prayer with intercession
  • To encourage them in their uniqueness and gifting
  • To guide them into intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To train and work along with our children to embrace the unsaved children in our community