Our First Lady


First Lady Iona Noah has been involved in Christian Ministries since she was a teenager when she began to work in Sunday School teaching, and she has consistently maintained that interest. Over the years Mrs. Noah has also served in other capacities including Ladies’ Ministry Leader, Sunday School Director, Usher, Boys and Girls Club Leader. Currently, at Logos she coordinates Outreach activities, Children’s Ministry and related program activities.

In addition to her unwavering support for her husband, Reverend Bolton Noah, First Lady Noah brings a wealth of experience and commitment to the work of the church and its various ministries and departments. She is a graduate of McMaster University and the University of South Carolina. She is dedicated to utilizing her knowledge and skills in areas which include sociology, organizational and strategic planning, policy development and implementation, and public health administration to promote the business of the Kingdom.

This soft-spoken lady is an effective speaker with a unique ability to reach her audience with the Word of God.  Thereby, she ably compliments her husband’s ministry. Working for the Lord is Mrs. Noah’s primary passion and priority.  She is devoted to serving the church and the community at all cost. She firmly believes that we are saved to serve faithfully while we occupy until the Master returns.